Commission Lays Foundation for Sustainable and Competitive Hydrogen Market

On December 15, 2021 the European Commission presented the revision of the Third EU Gas Market Package. The package contains legislative proposals for the Gas Market Directive and the Regulation on Gas Network Access. It focuses on the transformation of today's gas market towards a GHG-neutral economy. Hydrogen plays a vital role in this transformation process. For the first time, the package contains a bundle of rules to regulate hydrogen markets on the European level. Security of supply is another topic.

Sebastian Bleschke, Management Director of Initiative Energien Speichern e.V. (INES), comments: "In its gas package, the Commission clearly outlines that the hydrogen market is a market on its own. It designs a regulatory framework in accordance with the immature state of the hydrogen market. Unbundling is a guiding concept throughout all the legislative proposals. We welcome that not unbundling is demanded not only in the hydrogen market itself, but also to separate the hydrogen market from existing gas and electricity markets. The Commission strengthens the competitiveness of the hydrogen market and lays the foundation for its sustainable development. We generally welcome the gas package, even though there are some details to be worked on throughout the legislative process."

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