Welcome to the MAHS –
Market Assessment for Hydrogen Storage!

We, at the INES, are conducting a market survey on future hydrogen storage demand. This survey is aimed at all companies that intend to store hydrogen in hydrogen storage facilities in the future. We are pleased to have you participate in our market survey. Participation is voluntary and non-binding. By taking part, you will help us to estimate future hydrogen storage needs and to derive requirements for hydrogen storage that you may have. In addition, storage operators will in future be obliged to carry out a market assessment for investments in storage facilities for renewable and low-carbon gases, including hydrogen. This results from Article 8 (“Market assessment for renewable gas and low-carbon gas by LNG and storage system operators”) of the EU Regulation on internal markets for renewable gases, natural gas and hydrogen (from the EU gas package).

The MAHS will take place from April 2nd to May 31st. It is designed so that you can open one account per company. Within this account you can enter data, save it and submit at the end. You can edit your data until you submit it. All information is saved temporarily so that it is also possible to interrupt the market survey. After submitting, no further editing is possible.

During your registration, we ask you to name a contact person and to whom we can address any queries that may arise and to provide information about the company. These fields are the only mandatory fields, all other information is optional. To ensure that hydrogen storage systems can be developed according to your needs, the storage system operators would appreciate as comprehensive and complete feedback as possible.

INES assures you the confidential handling of your entries in a confidentiality agreement!

INES held a webinar for MAHS on April 9, 2024, which you can watch on YouTube. You can download the slides shown here.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following e-mail address info@energien-speichern.de!

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