Federal Council Agrees With Government on Hydrogen Network Regulation

The German Federal Council (Bundesrat) has voted on its position towards a legal proposal of the German Government for a renewal of the Energy Economy Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz). The Council thereby decided to change its position on the regulation of hydrogen networks. For the first time, the German Federal States did not call for the adaption of already existing gas rules. Sebastian Bleschke, Management Director of the Initiative Erdgasspeicher (INES) comments on the decision as follows:

"With today’s decision, the German Federal Council backs away from its position to transfer the existing gas network regulation on to hydrogen networks. It also rejects a cross-subsidisation of hydrogen networks by gas consumers. We welcome this decision. The German Parliament can now use the momentum to adopt the Government’s proposal for the Energy Economy Act. The proposal secures a development of hydrogen and gas networks that is aligned with actual demands. It thereby avoids structural interruptions in the future that would impede the energy transition."

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